Saturday, August 10, 2013

REN ClearCalm 3 Acne Treatment Mask

 A pleasantly effective mask.  Much as one would wish for rain and receive an incredible thunderstorm and downpour, someone who wishes for fewer acne bumps will certainly receive that and more with a few uses.  It is a little more gel-like than you would expect based on its coloration and purpose, goes on very smooth, yet doesn't quite dry.  It stays on the skin for about 15 minutes and you're still allowed to smile, doesn't tingle, and leaves your skin feeling relatively hydrated after rinse off!  This mask smells slightly minty  and sulfurous.  A product using sulfur as an antimicrobial/anti-inflammatory/exfoliant is of course going to not smell like roses, but the scent is not overpowering, and in fact, nearly non-existent.  Also included in the formulation is your garden variety salicylic acid, and an interesting ingredient called glabridin which acts as another antimicrobial and a brightening agent to reduce the redness of previous blemishes.

I really am regretting not having taken before and after photos for this product.  I used the REN mask on Thursday, when I rinsed it off I noticed slightly less redness.  Friday morning the little bumples on my chin had been reduced.  This morning, they were nearly gone!  Yet another product that I'm entirely happy with and will continue to use!


Reduce acne blemishes, reduce redness and inflammation, prevent future breakouts

Did It Accomplish this Function?
Entirely!  I noticed reduction in little bumpy blackheads, immediate reduction in a whitehead, lightening of previous scars, no new blemishes within two days.

Breakout Factor
-10, it in fact did the opposite of break me out.

Texture and Heaviness

Love!  Doesn't tingle, doesn't harden and crack, doesn't smell overly terrible, doesn't dry me out!  I was very pleased with the after effects and have noticed a significant reduction in my acne after only one use.

Random Ingredient

Sorbitan Olivate
An olive oil and sorbitan based surfectant.

In Technology

I was bumming around on Reddit yesterday and came across this post.  It's about why kids who are often considered computer experts do not properly know how to use their own computers for more than Facebook and Google searches.  I have to agree with a majority of what is written in this article.  The TL;DR on it is that if kids in school were allowed to actually learn how the machine works, instead of just the Microsoft Office products (or CAD, I'm looking at you, high schools), and if finding a security vulnerability in the system without exploiting it were praised instead of a social destructor, maybe we'd have more people in the future who would actually understand what it is that we are trying to place new laws on.  Best. Run. On. Sentence. EVAR!

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