Sunday, December 1, 2013

Edward Bess Black Sea Deep Hydration Cream

Here's a wintertime gem that comes in a stylish black and white 1oz package and has lasted me through two whole winters, Edward Bess's Black Sea Deep Hydration Cream.  For $90, it is a pricey item, but it also lasts foreeeeeever.  It takes only a very small amount of this super moisturizing cream to see and feel the effect.  And it's texture is unique, thick, luxurious, and creamy without being plastic-y.  I do have oily skin, which is why I can only use this in the wintertime, and it does take quite a while to sink in, but it has seems to even my complexion out and keep those odd winter-flake areas calm and smooth.  It also has an antiaging effect, my forming smile lines have vanished!  This is one of those products that I get quite excited about, mostly because it is effective AND smells good!


Provide deep moisturization with an antiaging effect.

Did It Accomplish this Function?
Yes!  I've noticed forming lines disappear and the moisture, well, my skin feels like velvet, if velvet was not hairy, I'm not flaking, and am not breaking out from being oversaturated.

Breakout Factor
0, calms skin.

Texture and Heaviness
Heavy, but breathable, luxurious and creamy thick without feeling like wax or plastic.

I love this product in the wintertime!  It keeps my skin calm and well-hydrated and seems to heal some of those pesky summer sun lines!