Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to Travel In Style

Traveling can be quite restrictive when it comes to your beauty regimen.  I used to travel frequently by plane, so, of course the experience definitely teaches you a few things.  Here is a comparative guide to traveling by plane and car and how to decide what to include depending on your mode of travel.
A few beginner’s tips:
Travel sizes are your friend, as well as cleaned sample containers and travel containers depending on the duration of your trip.  The little Sephora containers are my favorite, easy to open and close and airtight.
Balms are also your friend, the TSA hasn’t banned balms yet provided they’re not in excess.
If it’s taller, or wider than a quart ziplock bag, NOPE.
Multitasking items are AWESOME!
Replace the makeup remover or oil cleanser with makeup removing cloths if you're flying, they are one less thing to fill your quart bag with.

Consider your regimen, what do you use?  What size are the containers in which they come in?  Do you have a sample or travel size of this product?  Can you effectively use this in a sample container?
 Bare Essentials
·         Cleanser
·         Moisturizer
·         Makeup remover or oil cleanser
·         Eye cream
Similar questions to the Skincare, however, here I recommend carrying mostly powders and balms to keep your quart bag to a minimum, if you’re traveling by car or train, carry on with your liquids and gels!  Again, travel sizes and samplers are wonderful for keeping things light.
Bare Essentials
·         Concealer (if it can’t fit, don’t worry too much about it, optional)
·         Primer (depending on your skin type, this is optional)
·         BB cream (multitasker, especially if you don’t take primer)
·         Blush
·         Powder (bronzer, or plain powder, I’m oily and require this for mattification)
·         Eyeliner
·         Mascara
Anything else such as eyeshadows you can for the most part go crazy on if it’s a powder, take care with the amount if it’s a cream.  I also like you use an eyebrow mousse, but this can be optional.  Lipstick is similar to chapstick when it comes to the TSA, leave a little room in your quart bag just in case they say something, they’ll typically leave it be though.  Lipstick over lip gloss in this instance, gloss will always need to go in the quart bag, we’re trying to keep this as empty as possible if you’re flying, if you’re driving, again, it’s at your discretion.

·         Think small
·         Reuse cleaned sample containers
·         If flying, try switching to powders, pencils, balms, and very dense creams (Stila Convertible Color dense) if possible

·         Multitasking products are a lifesaver

Random Ingredient

Diatomaceous Earth
One of the two substances found in dynamite (cool!) is often used in exfoliating products and toothpaste.

In Technology

12 Small asteroids fairly close to Earth may be our new mines for precious metals by 2021 (I give it 'til 2030).  The prospect that we are now actually reaching outside of our planet for resources is very interesting and proof of our progress in technology.

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