Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Omorovicza Foaming Cleanser

Cleansers, particularly of the foaming variety, have one job and one job only.  Get the crud off of your face!  So, it's nice when you do eventually encounter one that provides more than just a good scrubbing.  Omorovicza's Foaming Cleanser provides a very good clean, oil control, and non-drying goodness in one fell, light blue swoop.  Its active ingredient is actually a very small amount of copper, which accounts for both the color and the oil control, the Hungarian thermal water is responsible for healing and slight anti-aging properties.  Still not quite sure about the delightful citrus blossom scent, but I do enjoy it.

It's lather isn't the most impressive unless you use it on a cloth or something of the like, but it does do a fantastic job without being harsh.


Cleanse the facial area and provide oil control.

Did It Accomplish this Function?
Yes, I found my skin to not be terribly dry after washing, a slightly more matte complexion later in the day, and a clean, fresh face.

Breakout Factor
No noticeable difference.

Texture and Heaviness
Lumpy and then fluffy once brought to a lather.

I'm on my second tube, enough said!  It's a pleasant blue color with a fresh, floral citrus scent and does a lovely job cleaning without destroying my face.

Random Ingredient

Polysorbate 85
An emulsifier and emollient with a small chance of irritation.

In Technology

I read about the demise of Groklaw in the past few weeks, and never getting to visit it, but finding out that it is a viable bridge for those who don't understand technology to understand both the tech and the law surrounding it, I was very sad to see it go.  A personal opinion, if I may, is that while I understand what the government is trying to do, it's frustrating to see it in action and failing, primarily due to the fact that the people making the laws don't even understand it themselves.  Much like I believe that our Commander-in-Chief (technically a military position) should have been in the military first, I believe a refresher course on tech might be a good idea for our lawmakers, or at least an adviser who knows what they're talking about. RIP Groklaw, I hope someone can bridge the gap as well as you did!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Boscia Green Tea Oil Control Mask

Boscia has been having a very interesting trend with their masks lately, my personal theory is that theyy are trying to build a rainbow of colors.  Put simply, they've been coming out with peel-off masks lately that are every color under the sun.  The latest release is the Green-tea oil control mask, which is a lovely pearlized mint green, which is strangely enough, one of the most popular colors this summer.

Being about as greasy as a rare hamburger patty at times, I figured, why not?   It has green tea which is a major antioxidant and regulates sebum production, burdock root and cucumber to deeply clean the pores, and, unfortunately, silica which does alter light reflection to provide a more even complexion.  Having silica in the product means you DEFINITELY will need to wash your face in the morning, otherwise you will be trapping bacteria in your pores and breaking out like mad because of it.

Now, for the experience.  I feel as though I used a rather large amount to provide a full, thick, peelable coverage.  It came out a pearly mint green, the glitter was unusual, but it did not effect performance.  Putting it on, it took about 20 minutes to dry, during this time it was very chilly and tingly.  when it dried, peel off was fairly easy whee I had managed to avoid my eyebrows, my pores looked a little smaller, and my complexion did appear more matte.  When I put my toner on after I was still feeling the brisk chill of the mask.  My overall opinion is that I like it, but I'm unsure as to if I will repurchase it though.


To create a more matte complexion, cleanse pores, and calm redness.

Did It Accomplish this Function?
Yes, my complexion did appear more matte, I was slightly less oily, some red spots had reduced slightly, and pores appeared smaller.

Breakout Factor
Improved the complexion, soothed aggravated areas, it is intense so those with sensitive skin may not get as much out of this mask

Texture and Heaviness
Somewhere between Elmer's glue and wet rubber cement

I enjoyed the experience, it did exactly what it promised, had a lovely color, pleasant feeling, and was easy to apply and remove.  I certainly will enjoy using this from time to time, but I'm unsure as to whether I will buy this again, but it was certainly worth a first purchase!

Random Ingredient

A common thickener in cosmetic products, also an anti-inflammatory.

In Technology

When traveling, always, always try to practice safe networking.  When on public wifi, either do so from a virtual machine or from a VPN, this will reduce the likelihood of your data being stolen from a public network.  For a slightly (but not too in-depth) look into this, please refer to

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Benefit The Porefessional

Usually, I'm a big fan of BB creams over foundations, so, while using a primer is redundant when using a BB cream, if you have larger pores it is helpful when filling them in.  Think of it like paint spackle on a wall, but for your face!  Benefit's The Porefessional does a darn good job of this!  It comes out of the tube a pasty nude color, spreads like a silk veil over the skin, and essentially works like a "picture perfector" option in  photo editing program.  Either way, it goes on like a dream, and looks lovely!  I'm unsure as to how it would work on darker skin since it only comes in one pasty color, but if it's spread thin enough then it shouldn't be too much of an issue.  As with anything, I recommend trying it before you buy it if possible.  As a side note, it does also have a rather delightful sweet smell and mattifying effects.

Before Application

After Application


Initial Coverage
Very light, just enough coverage to appear as though your pores have been smoothed over.

Sunglasses Test (1-10; 1 is least amount of makeup)

Lasting Power
Very good, can be rubbed off intentionally

End of the Day
Still Flawless

So far it is the best primer I've used next to Clinique's Pore Perfector (which has similar results and a much thicker texture)

Random Ingredient

Acetic Acid
An acid typically found in vinegar and sweat, it can be  a drying irritant that, strangely enough, does possess some disinfecting properties.

In Technology

I'm sad to see Microsoft's Surface failing so badly on the market.  I think a big reason for this may be an aversion to the Window's 8 OS, which is very different, but actually, in some ways is superior to its predecessors.  Although what I can say, is I'd be pretty grumpy with the OS if it were only on a keyboard and mouse system, the Surface is truly ideal for the versatility that the OS offers.  Overall the Surface is a pretty darn good portable productivity machine's, like what it's grand daddies the Palm Pilots of the last decade aspired to be.  Either way, until about the end of the month I believe that the Surface RT is $50 off and the Surface Pro is $100 off, and they have a pretty awesome promo in store where if you spend a bit extra you get a bundle of Microsoft Office, keyboard, carrying case, screen covers x2, 12 months of Xbox Live Gold, 1 month of Hulu Plus, and a 5% friends and family discount coupon for any following purchases.  Pretty snazzy deal for a truly underrated system!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Man's Perspective on Packing for the Weekend

My lovely fiancee' asked me to contribute to her blog and suggested I write an article to parallel her own on packing for a weekend trip. I'm going to try and do her justice.

First and foremost, I never think of what I need to pack, I try and think of the things I always forget. This list includes (but is not limited to): cologne (I've got this awesome Paco Rabanne 1 Million that she loves even more than I do), tooth paste (but I never forget my tooth brush, which is weird), and an extra pair of shoes (these babies may look great, but they're not the most comfortable for walking around the city or country in).
It's weird how often I'll think to grab half a dozen pairs of extra pants for a two day trip and leave my deodorant behind.
Speaking of deodorant, this stuff complements the aforementioned Paco fantastically.

So let me break that down for you; the things I am mostly likely to forget are extra shoes, tooth paste, deodorant, and cologne. It's not that I enjoy being a smelly bum with bad teeth or anything, it's just that those are things I'm most likely to want access to right up until the last minute. It's the fact that I am using them actively that makes them most likely to be forgotten.

So how do you remember the essentials? I'll be honest, having an incredibly organized significant other with a checklist for a brain is what solved the problem for me. After about the umpteenth time I forgot any/all of the above items, I just started letting her know what I tend to forget (though I'm pretty sure she'd figured it out before then). Now, though I'm asked "Did you remember..." about 30 times during the day prior and day of, I typically do remember most of the things I'm supposed to.

So I guess the secret to remembering those essential items that are so easily forgotten, is either be or live with an A-type personality..?

                                                          In Technology
You may have heard that the new Apple iPhone is coming.... Don't get excited. The vast majority of release information indicates that the iPhone 6 is going to be featuring a lot of "innovations" that the Droid market figured out a year ago.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How to Travel In Style

Traveling can be quite restrictive when it comes to your beauty regimen.  I used to travel frequently by plane, so, of course the experience definitely teaches you a few things.  Here is a comparative guide to traveling by plane and car and how to decide what to include depending on your mode of travel.
A few beginner’s tips:
Travel sizes are your friend, as well as cleaned sample containers and travel containers depending on the duration of your trip.  The little Sephora containers are my favorite, easy to open and close and airtight.
Balms are also your friend, the TSA hasn’t banned balms yet provided they’re not in excess.
If it’s taller, or wider than a quart ziplock bag, NOPE.
Multitasking items are AWESOME!
Replace the makeup remover or oil cleanser with makeup removing cloths if you're flying, they are one less thing to fill your quart bag with.

Consider your regimen, what do you use?  What size are the containers in which they come in?  Do you have a sample or travel size of this product?  Can you effectively use this in a sample container?
 Bare Essentials
·         Cleanser
·         Moisturizer
·         Makeup remover or oil cleanser
·         Eye cream
Similar questions to the Skincare, however, here I recommend carrying mostly powders and balms to keep your quart bag to a minimum, if you’re traveling by car or train, carry on with your liquids and gels!  Again, travel sizes and samplers are wonderful for keeping things light.
Bare Essentials
·         Concealer (if it can’t fit, don’t worry too much about it, optional)
·         Primer (depending on your skin type, this is optional)
·         BB cream (multitasker, especially if you don’t take primer)
·         Blush
·         Powder (bronzer, or plain powder, I’m oily and require this for mattification)
·         Eyeliner
·         Mascara
Anything else such as eyeshadows you can for the most part go crazy on if it’s a powder, take care with the amount if it’s a cream.  I also like you use an eyebrow mousse, but this can be optional.  Lipstick is similar to chapstick when it comes to the TSA, leave a little room in your quart bag just in case they say something, they’ll typically leave it be though.  Lipstick over lip gloss in this instance, gloss will always need to go in the quart bag, we’re trying to keep this as empty as possible if you’re flying, if you’re driving, again, it’s at your discretion.

·         Think small
·         Reuse cleaned sample containers
·         If flying, try switching to powders, pencils, balms, and very dense creams (Stila Convertible Color dense) if possible

·         Multitasking products are a lifesaver

Random Ingredient

Diatomaceous Earth
One of the two substances found in dynamite (cool!) is often used in exfoliating products and toothpaste.

In Technology

12 Small asteroids fairly close to Earth may be our new mines for precious metals by 2021 (I give it 'til 2030).  The prospect that we are now actually reaching outside of our planet for resources is very interesting and proof of our progress in technology.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

REN ClearCalm 3 Acne Treatment Mask

 A pleasantly effective mask.  Much as one would wish for rain and receive an incredible thunderstorm and downpour, someone who wishes for fewer acne bumps will certainly receive that and more with a few uses.  It is a little more gel-like than you would expect based on its coloration and purpose, goes on very smooth, yet doesn't quite dry.  It stays on the skin for about 15 minutes and you're still allowed to smile, doesn't tingle, and leaves your skin feeling relatively hydrated after rinse off!  This mask smells slightly minty  and sulfurous.  A product using sulfur as an antimicrobial/anti-inflammatory/exfoliant is of course going to not smell like roses, but the scent is not overpowering, and in fact, nearly non-existent.  Also included in the formulation is your garden variety salicylic acid, and an interesting ingredient called glabridin which acts as another antimicrobial and a brightening agent to reduce the redness of previous blemishes.

I really am regretting not having taken before and after photos for this product.  I used the REN mask on Thursday, when I rinsed it off I noticed slightly less redness.  Friday morning the little bumples on my chin had been reduced.  This morning, they were nearly gone!  Yet another product that I'm entirely happy with and will continue to use!


Reduce acne blemishes, reduce redness and inflammation, prevent future breakouts

Did It Accomplish this Function?
Entirely!  I noticed reduction in little bumpy blackheads, immediate reduction in a whitehead, lightening of previous scars, no new blemishes within two days.

Breakout Factor
-10, it in fact did the opposite of break me out.

Texture and Heaviness

Love!  Doesn't tingle, doesn't harden and crack, doesn't smell overly terrible, doesn't dry me out!  I was very pleased with the after effects and have noticed a significant reduction in my acne after only one use.

Random Ingredient

Sorbitan Olivate
An olive oil and sorbitan based surfectant.

In Technology

I was bumming around on Reddit yesterday and came across this post.  It's about why kids who are often considered computer experts do not properly know how to use their own computers for more than Facebook and Google searches.  I have to agree with a majority of what is written in this article.  The TL;DR on it is that if kids in school were allowed to actually learn how the machine works, instead of just the Microsoft Office products (or CAD, I'm looking at you, high schools), and if finding a security vulnerability in the system without exploiting it were praised instead of a social destructor, maybe we'd have more people in the future who would actually understand what it is that we are trying to place new laws on.  Best. Run. On. Sentence. EVAR!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Disney Princess Collection Ariel Perfume

The Disney Princess Collection (exclusive to Sephora) so far has had some wonderful pickings.  Particularly when it comes to the perfumes!  This particular one is interesting in the way it evolves and is extremely thematic to Ariel and the ocean, the best comparison would be getting hit by a refreshing wave on a hot day.  I'm not very good at explaining fragrance, so I will do the best that I can.

It begins with a strong splash of cucumber which then goes to a spicy, warm floral scent, and over the course of the day, becomes reminiscent of a tropical sea breeze.  This is the absolute ideal perfume for someone who lives near the water, loves the beach, or is going on a cruise!  


Ariel themed perfume

Did It Accomplish this Function?
The notes have an affinity for the ocean, so definitely!

Loved it!  Not too strong, but still noticeable and unique in a good way.  I did end up picking up a rollerball of this and am holding onto it until I go on a cruise, it is the perfect scent for someone on the water!

Random Ingredient
Jojoba Oil
Derived from a desert plant, this liquid wax has the ability to soothe, hydrate, and help skin maintain its moisture.

Good news for PS Vita owners with full memory cards!  The new firmware update 2.6 has been released and it will allow you to play games stored on your PS3 remotely.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm

Something that needs to be said up front:  I am a complete lip product junkie, and am completely aware of it!  In fact, I love it, it's one of my items that I have trouble functioning without, so, lip balms are essential for a happy MoreGun.  I'm not quite sure what drew me to Dior's Creme de Rose balm, but I ended up purchasing a pot of it, .25oz for $27, well worth it.

It comes in a darling white container, quite vintage, however, unnecessarily large if you plan on carrying it around.  The formula is a very feminine, soft light pink with a very intense rose smell.  It's texture is luxuriously thick, yet silky like satin sheets.  When it goes on it makes lips appear very smooth, feel very hydrated, and when I rub my lips together it feels like I'm, again, rubbing them on satin sheets and seems to last for about an hour and a half (pretty good in my book).  The only downside is that when it inevitably gets into your mouth, it tastes like soap!

The Creme de Rose  compound relies on a mixture of concentrated vitamins A & E, shea butter, and Rose of Damas oil, along with smaller amounts of various ingredients.   So far it appears to be a winner, I tend to move quickly through a lot of lip products, but I do see myself potentially coming back around to this one when it runs out.


Smooth, hydrate, and plump lips

Did It Accomplish this Function?
Sort of, it accomplishes the smoothing and hydration quite well, however, it is lacking in the plumping department.

Does it Have a Flavor?
VERY soapy

A slight shine at first, but it quickly subsides closer to a matte appearance

Texture and Heaviness
Satin Sheets

I really enjoy using this lip balm, there is a very spoiled feeling that comes from using such a richly scented and luxuriously smooth item that actually seems to be doing a lot of good for lips.  I will probably come back around to it if they ever find a way to quell that soapy taste.

Random Ingredient

Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer
Used to increase viscosity in cosmetics and absorbs oils.

In Technology

Clearly stolen from Memebase, but I think we can all agree that this is a proper technological usage of bubblewrap!