Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Man's Perspective on Packing for the Weekend

My lovely fiancee' asked me to contribute to her blog and suggested I write an article to parallel her own on packing for a weekend trip. I'm going to try and do her justice.

First and foremost, I never think of what I need to pack, I try and think of the things I always forget. This list includes (but is not limited to): cologne (I've got this awesome Paco Rabanne 1 Million that she loves even more than I do), tooth paste (but I never forget my tooth brush, which is weird), and an extra pair of shoes (these babies may look great, but they're not the most comfortable for walking around the city or country in).
It's weird how often I'll think to grab half a dozen pairs of extra pants for a two day trip and leave my deodorant behind.
Speaking of deodorant, this stuff complements the aforementioned Paco fantastically.

So let me break that down for you; the things I am mostly likely to forget are extra shoes, tooth paste, deodorant, and cologne. It's not that I enjoy being a smelly bum with bad teeth or anything, it's just that those are things I'm most likely to want access to right up until the last minute. It's the fact that I am using them actively that makes them most likely to be forgotten.

So how do you remember the essentials? I'll be honest, having an incredibly organized significant other with a checklist for a brain is what solved the problem for me. After about the umpteenth time I forgot any/all of the above items, I just started letting her know what I tend to forget (though I'm pretty sure she'd figured it out before then). Now, though I'm asked "Did you remember..." about 30 times during the day prior and day of, I typically do remember most of the things I'm supposed to.

So I guess the secret to remembering those essential items that are so easily forgotten, is either be or live with an A-type personality..?

                                                          In Technology
You may have heard that the new Apple iPhone is coming.... Don't get excited. The vast majority of release information indicates that the iPhone 6 is going to be featuring a lot of "innovations" that the Droid market figured out a year ago.

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