Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Seven Little Vials #1

I don't feel as though I post about perfume very often, and I have a stash of little sample vials that has been accumulating, so, I think what I'll be doing is this.  I will at random use testers, and once I have 7 used, the reviews will be posted in a list article.  The order is the order in which I used them, otherwise the order has no meaning.

#1 Bvulgari Omnia Indian Garnet EDT

I like this one, but not enough to go out and buy a full size.  It begins as a sort of orange zest which then, on drydown turns into a musky neroli.  Pretty straightforward scent, seems summery at midday for me.

#2 Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline L'eau de Parfum

Same as above with how much I liked it.  Begins with a sparkling grapefruit note that calms to a florally grapefruit musk.  Kind of like laundry with a bit of Grapefruit?

#3 L'Instant de Guerlain EDP

Love!  Begins with a note of crisp, sweet apple and quickly adds honey, vanilla and a very small bit of sweet orange to this.  I'd say the primary star would be the vanilla.  I know there are more scents in there, but it comes out as a delicious, sultry quartet on me.  Solid, and well mixed perfume.

#4 Marc Jacobs Daisy

OK, yes this one has a long term spot in the perfume closet, but I just love the sweet combination of Violet and Strawberry.

#5 Aroma M Violet Geisha

This one was a surprise love for me, despite my obsession with violet scents, it is extremely simple.  Imagine a field of fresh, earthy grass mixed in with the innocent allure of violets while enjoying a pip of delicious chocolate, all while embraced in silk.  That is the impression I get from this.

#6 PK Perfumes Violet Chocolatier

I got this to see which was better between PK and Aroma M.  I think for me, Aroma M won out.  This is more of a French variation on the violets and chocolate adventure.  It is a little stronger with a bit more complexity and bitterness from the cocoa and violet leaves rather than the flower.  It is being in a little cafe with a lovely truffle and friends.  While it is a lovely perfume, I think it may appeal to me more in a few years.

#7 Viktoria Minya Hedonist

This one was interesting and definitely an indulgence!  It started out rich and champagne-y with a hint of rum and quickly dried down into a rich, seductive honey.  Granted I only have a sample bottle (the cost of this is a little high for what it is in my opinion and is most definitely for packaging, which is gorgeous), but a fe drops was more than enough.  If you are not used to strong scents, I don't recommend this one, but if your nose is up to it, this is as amazing as a tailor-made ball gown!