Saturday, August 24, 2013

Boscia Green Tea Oil Control Mask

Boscia has been having a very interesting trend with their masks lately, my personal theory is that theyy are trying to build a rainbow of colors.  Put simply, they've been coming out with peel-off masks lately that are every color under the sun.  The latest release is the Green-tea oil control mask, which is a lovely pearlized mint green, which is strangely enough, one of the most popular colors this summer.

Being about as greasy as a rare hamburger patty at times, I figured, why not?   It has green tea which is a major antioxidant and regulates sebum production, burdock root and cucumber to deeply clean the pores, and, unfortunately, silica which does alter light reflection to provide a more even complexion.  Having silica in the product means you DEFINITELY will need to wash your face in the morning, otherwise you will be trapping bacteria in your pores and breaking out like mad because of it.

Now, for the experience.  I feel as though I used a rather large amount to provide a full, thick, peelable coverage.  It came out a pearly mint green, the glitter was unusual, but it did not effect performance.  Putting it on, it took about 20 minutes to dry, during this time it was very chilly and tingly.  when it dried, peel off was fairly easy whee I had managed to avoid my eyebrows, my pores looked a little smaller, and my complexion did appear more matte.  When I put my toner on after I was still feeling the brisk chill of the mask.  My overall opinion is that I like it, but I'm unsure as to if I will repurchase it though.


To create a more matte complexion, cleanse pores, and calm redness.

Did It Accomplish this Function?
Yes, my complexion did appear more matte, I was slightly less oily, some red spots had reduced slightly, and pores appeared smaller.

Breakout Factor
Improved the complexion, soothed aggravated areas, it is intense so those with sensitive skin may not get as much out of this mask

Texture and Heaviness
Somewhere between Elmer's glue and wet rubber cement

I enjoyed the experience, it did exactly what it promised, had a lovely color, pleasant feeling, and was easy to apply and remove.  I certainly will enjoy using this from time to time, but I'm unsure as to whether I will buy this again, but it was certainly worth a first purchase!

Random Ingredient

A common thickener in cosmetic products, also an anti-inflammatory.

In Technology

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