Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Shiseido White Lucent Mask

Following up from the Shiseido launch of their new Sheer & Perfect foundation last week, I was given a small goody bag.  In this goody bag was a Shiseido White Lucent Mask.  Being a bit of mask enthusiast, of course this had to be the first thing I tried out!

The White Lucent Mask comes individually packaged in a box of 6 which will usually go for a price of $68.  It is a steep price for only 6 uses, but I found it incredibly effective in just one use.  They work by saturating the skin with a rather large amount of brightening ingredients at once, in this case 4MSK (Methoxy Salicylic Acid Potassium Salt), a scientific look at this ingredient in this product's use can be found here.

This is an individual package, within this package is a literal mask for the face made of some cotton, elastic-y material absolutely saturated in the 4MSK ingredient.  It has holes for the eyes, nose and mouth cut out it in, and I look like a bubblehead nurse from Silent Hill while wearing it.  Even if the comparison isn't exact, it's pretty spot on. However, for 10 minutes of being a creepy crawly, I'd still say it's well worth the wait.  BEHOLD, before and after shots!

And 12 hours later in the same lighting:

I'd say for one application that that's not too horrible.


Brighten dark spots and even out the complexion.

Did It Accomplish this Function?
YES, I noticed several of my acne scars diminish noticeably in the 12 hour period.  It tackled the darker areas without bleaching my face.

Breakout Factor
I did not experience any breakouts or sensitivity, in fact, it was quite gentle.

Texture and Heaviness
Whole Milk

Other than the appearance while using the product, I very much enjoyed using it.  It was comfortable, stayed on nicely, the remaining product when the mask was removed absorbed quickly and proved very effective in accomplishing it's function.  When I begin to get age spots, I will be turning to the White Lucent Mask first!

Random Ingredient

Coconut Acid
A gentle anti-inflammatory derived from coconut oil and commonly used in soaps.

In Technology

Apple products can be just as vulnerable as any other systems to attacks, especially social engineering attacks.  This article details a method that uses a compromised iPhone charger to hack into the phone and allow the person that it phones home to to collect valuable data.

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