Saturday, July 27, 2013

Shiseido Sheer & Perfect Foundation

If there is one skin care brand that I absolutely cannot live without, it is Shiseido.  So, when my friendly neighborhood Nordstrom Shiseido rep gets in touch with me that there will be a makeover event with goodies involved, of course I'm in!

The event was based around Shiseido's new foundation line launch titled "Sheer & Perfect Foundation" which is a very sheer (as clearly stated), lightweight foundation which centers around color correction.  It works by using its foundation tint, white powder, blue powder, and green powder for correcting most problem shades.  It comes in a clear rectangular of 1oz, and is removed from the container via a tiny brush.  When being buffed in the foundation feels much like their other lightweight products, like water.  Colored water, watercolor paints?  Seriously, how does it still feel like water after having such a wide ecosystem of powders in there?

Anywho, going into the makeover, I looked like this:

Coming out with only the mentioned foundation (in shade 120) and a VERY light brushing of bronzer, ok and MAYBE a slightly more dimmed light still fluorescent, the end result was quite pleasing:

It did certainly color correct!  It also has fantastic staying power over the next 7 hours in which I wore it, passed the sunglasses test (in which a very negligible amount rubbed off on my sunglasses in sweaty weather), and did not seem to break me out, in fact, I looked a little better in the blackhead department the next day (although that could have been the work of a Clarisonic that the awesome rep used on me).

My only issue with the foundation is that it is rather difficult to remove, I used my oil cleanser as an initial remover, it felt as though I had gotten it all off.  When I used my toner on a cotton, I saw even more color come off.  And the next morning, using a foaming cleanser, I managed to finally get the last bit of color off.  At least the staying power is fantastic if you have a very long day!


Initial Coverage
Light, but very flattering even with blemishes, little difference in pore appearance

Sunglasses Test (1-10; 1 is least amount of makeup)

Lasting Power
Near Infinite

End of the Day
Still Flawless

I like it, while the longevity and coverage are positives, it's a little too long lived for me to want to buy.

Ingredient of the Week

Pongamia Pinnata Seed Extract
Acts as a skin condtioner, anti-inflammatory, and brightener.  Due to high Omega-9 content it absorbs quickly and easily through the skin  

This Week in Technology

Well, there was brainwashing, and now we are beginning to implant false memories.  It's only a few years until this is truly a reality, which is both a fascinating and scary thought.

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