Saturday, July 12, 2014

Short Focus on Korea and Japan

It's been quite the busy year!  So, I again apologize for posting so little, but I did want to update on some things I have been looking into.  While this is not a product post, based on the research and purchases based on that research, they will certainly be following!

Currently, my fiance and I are sticking to a fish, rice, and fruit diet.  Well, at least for dinner, lunch is of course a sandwich, fruits, veggies, maybe a bag of chips.  We are doing this most every night of the week (most because, pizza night, enough said!), because I have a tendency to go on kicks, this is a very good for us kick that I hope we keep!  The reason for this, was that after a long-ish search, he picked up Shogun, an old television movie about an Englishman being marooned in Japan.  I loved the women's costuming and makeup, seeing the re-enactments of the tea ceremonies, the seeming logic over emotion when it's one thing that is perceived, and the layer that is not, but is incorporated.  Every culture has rich traditions, I just find the structure and formality here fascinating, and it made me crave more fish in my diet.

Seeing the women's skin, I did a little research on what the Geisha did to assist in their beauty maintenance.  I've already been using several of AmorePacific's products for a while, they are very green tea centric and based in Korea, so I had begun to get at least 2 cups of green tea and 40oz of water in me per day.  This has improved my complexion, I still have some little bumps of noninflammed acne on my face, but I hadn't been getting any big whitehead zits.  While I don't think I'll ever get rid of the little bumps entirely, I can at least get darned close!

What I came across in my research was both a very general description of a Geisha's diet (I wish there were more specific items and recipes available), and a beauty brand called Tatcha who's founder has been creating beauty products based upon the Geisha's beauty book which was transcribed in the 1800's.  I also wish I could read a translation of that book!  The skincare line is a fantastic compliment to the AmorePacific line, they both have similar ideals, different and similar products, and are for sensitive skin.  I've also had the pleasure of integrating Koh Gen Do into my makeup regimen, which is essentially high definition makeup for sensitive skin and meant to be worn for the 12+ hour days which have become my life.

Here I will give a general overview of my current diet, thoughts on these 3 brands and a standout product mention (reviews for individual products to come), and the improvement I have seen.


Green tea has improved my energy, and my skin a bit!  Not to mention has balanced my chemistry a little.  I don't find bitter things as bitter anymore, the tea included!

Fish and Rice: What I found on the Geisha "diet" is that it consisted mostly of fish, rice, vegetables (orange and green), and fruit.  While I don't trust the fish I buy in the market to be sushi grade (therefore I cook it in some oil with some pepper), having this with some brown rice and mixed veggies with either an avocado or peach on the side has been marvelous.  I feel more energetic and my skin is more radiant!  I've also noticed that on my fiance within a week his little belly had gone down a bit, and he was feeling a lot less lethargic (so was I).  Surprisingly, this diet while lighter on us, is also a bit lighter on our wallets :D  We celebrated by purchasing a matcha green tea set for weekend mornings!


AmorePacific:  A brand that I can rely on for anything skincare related!  Their products are either based on green tea or bamboo sap depending on the product line, my skin is amazed at any product used from here.  My personal recommendation (and massive splurge) is the All Day Balancing Care Serum.  Through some form of magic product formulation, it anticipates your skin's needs and compensates.  I even look fabulous after sleeping terribly or traveling for full days!

Tatcha: I would love this brand for its customer service alone.  I placed my first order and received a handwritten discount code.  I used the discount for a second order and received a handwritten note on the receipt (which is on far above excellent quality paper) thanking me for visiting again, if any brand reps are reading this, please let your shipping department know that this is amazingly personalized and makes for a very loyal return customer!  I love the rice powder so far, it's a wonderful light exfoliant with three different flavors to fit your skin type.  However, if you find yourself sensitive to talc or algae, I would not recommend these products, but they definitely work wonders on me!

Koh Gen Do: Please note I have not used any skincare from this line, but I do hear good things!  The makeup is of incredible quality!  If you are going to get your picture taken later, I definitely recommend Koh Gen Do, at least for the powders!  I'm currently in love with the Natural Lighting Maifanshi Powder, while a little messy when used with a poof, the outcome is gorgeous, matte, yet a little radiant, my skin looks flawless in photos!  Again though, the first ingredient in this is talc, if you are sensitive, you will need to find an alternative.

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