Friday, November 1, 2013

Bobbi Brown Lip Balm

I seem to have bad luck with lip balms that taste terrible, and by far Bobbi Brown's is one of the worst of the worst!  I really dislike writing negative reviews, so, please take this one as more of a "buyer beware" than an "haet this.  much suck." (for context Google "Doge").  So, let me explain why I feel this way about this particuler product.  The container is rather sleek, I like the metal, has a small twist so it seals properly and is easy to open, but that's about where the goodness ends.  Reaching in for a little to put on, it's extremely hard with very little give and very little product comes up on a finger.  It feels like someone melted a crayon down, mixed in 5% vaseline, and cooled it.  Second, placing it on the lips, it is rather glossy, which I'm OK with, but my lips never felt fully comfortable or moisturized with it on, in fact they felt a bit more chapped.  And last, if you get the tiniest hint in your mouth, well, you know how it's fun to spray whipped cream into your mouth from the can?  Imagine doing that with sunscreen.  Ick.  After 2 weeks of use to see if there was any improvement I threw it out.  It's not wasting time or money on.  For $20, a box full of Lip Smackers, in fact, one coat from one tube would do better.


Hydrate and protect lips

Did It Accomplish this Function?
Nope, nada, did not hydrate, and not enough product could possibly have been put on to protect lips.

Does it Have a Flavor?
extract of sunscreen

Definitely :)

Texture and Heaviness
light, like baby oil

Avoid Avoid Avoid!  Yuck, you'll be spitting like a cartoon who just put something disgusting in their mouth and for very little benefit.  I understand that people are different and therefore this may work for some.  I was not impressed.

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