Monday, September 23, 2013

Down & Dirty DIY Beauty: Untangle Your Head

This is a Beauty DIY that will likely benefit parents and those blessed with long hair. Today we teach you how to make your own de-tangling spray!

As the mother of two young girls maintaining their long hair can be a difficult thing to manage. Also, until I recently cut it all off in favor of a 1'' buzz, I had long hair that I could only get under control with the assistance of some de-tangling aid. I found myself using the store bought spray so often that I felt that I needed to buy stock in Johnson & Johnson. Thankfully I came across several recipes on DIY de-tangling spray via Pinterest. Since then I have tried various recipes out on my head and my children's. Now I will pass on my favorite to you.

Compared to the last Down & Dirty DIY, this is a super simple recipe. Just take a ratio of 4:1 water and conditioner, mix in a spray bottle and voila! Apply to the noggin of your nearest be-tangled person and you are sure to find that tangles will brush free much easier.

You can honestly use just about any conditioner for this. If you are only looking to make a small batch of spray, samples of expensive conditioner or small bottles from a hotel are handy. If you have a monumental amount of brushing to do you can pick up a bottle of something as basic as Suave brand to dilute in big batches to make your spray. The spritz bottles are easy to come by as well. You can salvage an empty one from your own cabinet of spent products or you can purchase a new one typically a dollar or less at a retail store. It ends up being much cheaper over all and you are able to more finely control what goes into your spray, so your can be assured that it meets with you particular tastes (Coconut conditioners are my favorite).

To make things super easy feel free to save, print, and share these recipe labels that you can apply to your spray bottle. That way you don't have to look up this recipe every time you need to make another batch.

It is well know that excessive brushing can damage hair and it is important to handle it gently while styling so that you may avoid pain, split ends, or (on the extreme end of follicular abuse) premature hair loss.

Don't traumatize your scalp (or kids) and use de-tangling spray!

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